Fort Howe was a Confederate military settlement on Turaxis II, located near the city of Whitford and the Raffin Brothers Mine. Its layout included a barracks, command center, armory, starport, missile turrets, a firing range, a brig, an officers' club, at least seven supply depots and an admin building.

During the Guild Wars, it was the HQ of the Thundering Third. The 3rd defended the fort from attacking Kel-Morian forces, repelling them and engaging in pursuit. With their absence, the fort felt quite empty. It was an absence that Kel-Morian forces took advantage of, launching a combined arms strike of Hellhounds and rippers. Over 100 Confederate marines were killed and if not for the Kel-Morians losing their commanding officer early in the battle and the arrival of a squadron of Avengers to destroy the Kel-Morian transports, the fort might have been lost. Ultimately, the attack was repelled, though the fort suffered a lot of damage.

During the conflict, Colonel Javier Vanderspool took advantage of the chaos in order to attempt to steal truckloads of loot from the fortress armory using forces disguised as Kel-Morians. This was instead stolen by a squad under Sergeant Tychus Findlay, who instead stole the loot for himself and his men, returning only one truck of the supplies.

The base continued to be the main staging ground for Vanderspool's forces and the Special Tactics and Missions Platoon until the eventual mutiny of the platoon and the severe injury of Vanderspool.[1]


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