Forthum was a Furinax researcher at the Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility.


Forthum Creep Comic1

Forthum, leader of the scientists

As part of PAX's research, Forthum receeved a sample of creep delivered by the zealots Ruom, Akam and Golarath, who were also assigned as guards, a notion that Forthum was uncomfortable with, given the confidential nature of the research that PAX carried out. Things weren't made any better when Golarath and Ruom went to extract a tissue sample. As it grew, Golarath began disfiguring himself, eventually falling to his own psi-blades, while Ruom fell into catatonia, his mind unreadable. The scientists found their link to the Khala become "foggy", having differing memories as to the nature of the death of their fellow scientist Nubas awhile back.

Things became worse as a chain reaction ripped through PAX, destroying its stargate and thus cutting it off from the rest of protoss civilization. Akam suspected sabotage, while the rest of the scientists sensed great anguish in the thoughts of the scientist Wa'Rak. They found him in his quarters, having committed suicide in a manner similar to Golarath. To make matters worse, Ruom reappeared, having become infested. Along with Akam and Jhas, Forthum was killed within seconds.[2][3]


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