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"They’ve gone soft. Weak. Gotten into bed with their enemies. They’re going to get cut to pieces, and they’ll deserve it."

- Four(src)

Four is a spectre, and was a part of Emperor Arcturus Mengsk's attempts to revive Project Shadowblade. Four is pale skinned and has blonde hair cut close to his head. He often smiled, but never with a friendly expression. As he lacked a proper name, it was one given by terran reporter Donny Vermillion in order to tell the spectres apart.[1]



Four was part of an attempt to revive the failed Project Shadowblade on Tartarus. Overseen by Evelyn Yoo, these spectres would be fiercely loyal to Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, and was to be used as a weapon against the zerg, but they were stored in cryosleep. However, after Arcturus Mengsk’s death in the Second Great War, Tartarus fell into obscurity, though the staff continued their research. This was disrupted when the zerg they tested on broke out and began to overrun their base.

Reigel examines Four

Four and his spectre allies were released by Reigel, who along with Nova Terra and Donny Vermillion, came to investigate the jorium stockpile on Tartarus but found the hidden spectre labs. Four and her allies initially followed Reigel out, but soon revealed they intended to continue following the orders of Arcturus Mengsk, and knocked him unconscious. They arrived on the roof and met with Donny Vermillion, who welcomed them as heroes, but the spectres prepared to kill him. Vermillion convinced them he could update them on what has happened since they were cryogenically frozen. They kidnapped Vermillion and stole Nova’s ship, the Griffin, and departed the planet.[1]


"Still going on about the dead emperor?"
"Well, why are we fighting for a corpse?"

- Three and Four discuss their motivations(src)

The spectres began to strike targets through the Dominion in order to cause chaos in Arcturus’s name, but on the ship, Three and Five began to doubt the wisdom of fighting for a dead emperor, while Four supported continuing their campaign. One affirmed that they were uplifted by the emperor to continue to serve after his death, and that they had to stick to their mission.

Later in their warpath, the spectres landed on a remote mining planet, demanding from the town that they get vespene gas to continue their revolution. Though the mayor was a support of Arcturus, he did not want to get involved with a rebellion. Just as One prepared to attack them, Four and Five alerted them to the arrival of protoss forces.

Four and his allies then confronted Nova and her dark templar escort, armed with monomolecular blades. The spectres fought against the Nerazim and Nova in a fierce melee, but as they began to get the upper hand, and one of the six spectres were killed, Nova pointed out the void ray above them would wipe them out at her word. She and Reigel then discussed with them how they didn’t need to die for a dead emperor, and they could choose their own path going forward. A spectre threw down their blade, enraging One who lunged at them, but he was restrained by his allies, who all decided to surrender to Nova.[1]


The spectres were taken to Aiur by Matriarch Vorazun, and together they worked on stabilizing the modifications the terrazine had done to them, physically and psychologically. After a time of training in a temple on the remote regions of the planet, Reigel returned with the Griffin, and Nova and the spectres approached it.[1]


It is unclear if Four or Five is the spectre killed during the battle. However, the article has listed events beyond the possible death for the sake of completedness.


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