"The installation was built within the eye of a stationary atmospheric anomaly known as the Fujita Pinnacle. Given the cyclone's height and mass, no ground assault is possible."
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The Fujita Facility

The Fujita Facility (or Pinnacle Base[1]) was a secret Terran Confederacy research center on Vyctor 5.[2]


It was built within the Fujita Pinnacle, a stable wind formation, before the Guild Wars and was taken over by the Confederacy. It was connected to the settlement of Lockston by an underground transit system, fifty leagues away.

The Confederacy used it to research xenomorph and telepath interactions, reasoning the Pinnacle kept out external stimuli. The research project was led by Dr. Flanx.

It was minimally defended by four missile turrets and a detachment of Gamma Squadron marines led by Gunnery Sergeant Mitch Tanner.

The Sons of Korhal raided the facility, rescuing Sarah Kerrigan and learning of the existence of the xenomorphs. The attack was portrayed by the Confederacy as an attack on an environmental facility.[2]

StarCraft: GhostEdit

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The Fujita Facility was set to appear in StarCraft: Ghost.[3] In early builds of the game, the Koprulu Liberation Front would seize the facility and flee there after stealing canisters of terrazine from Mar Sara. Nova would have to infiltrate the facility and confront the KLF leader Cole Hickson.[1]


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