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The Furinax Tribe is a protoss tribe of the Khalai Caste.

Its tribal color is purple.[1]


The Furinax Tribe is part of the Khalai Caste[1] and is currently one of the six tribes represented in the Hierarchy by Tabrenus.

The Furinax are craftsmen, artisans,[2] builders and weaponsmiths. Obsessed with merging the energies of khaydarin crystals with modern technologies, the Furinax revel in their progressive crafts, their greatest feats being the power suits wielded by zealots and the dragoon exoskeleton.[1] Scientific research is of their realms of purview, even unethical ones as demonstrated by the Protoss Advance/Experimental Facility.[3]


During the Aeon of Strife, the Furinax were one of the many protoss tribes in conflict, many of their attacks being directed against the Shelak Tribe.[4] With their assimilation into the Khalai Caste under the edicts of Khas however, the Furinax came to serve their race as weaponsmiths and builders.

Unlike their ancestors, modern day Furinax revile warfare of any kind, though they can still be counted upon to fight with a combination of savagery and honor.[1] One such occasion was during the Protoss Civil War, siding with the Conclave against Tassadar. Despite the Furinax's efforts, Tassadar was rescued by his followers before the Conclave could deliver judgment.[5]

The Furinax Tribe is represented in the Hierarchy after the Brood War by Tabrenus.[2]

Known Furinax[]

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The Furinax name is likely derived from the Latin word fornax, which means "furnace". The emblem of the Furinax tribe resembles a smith hammering a piece of metal, matching their role as weaponsmiths.


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