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"Boy, there ain't nothing here to indicate anyone's home, is there?"

- Jim Raynor as he approached the moon(src)

The single moon of G-2275 is an unremarkable moon. Beneath its surface however, lay one of the greatest technological hubs of the Terran Confederacy. The hub changed its security codes regularly.

In 2499, Sons of Korhal agent Sarah Kerrigan infiltrated the facility. She discovered that the codes used a particular mathematical algorithm, and that by knowing it, she could extrapolate the code.

A year later, during the Great War, Kerrigan returned to the facility as part of a SoK force that included Jim Raynor and Michael Liberty. Word had reached the group of upgraded Confederate goliaths, and Arcturus Mengsk had agreed to a mission where they would steal the plans for themselves. The hub now had more than a dozen marines, but otherwise, security hadn't been upgraded. Due to them knowing the codes, no alarm was sounded at their arrival, and the rebels fought their way through the facility. They were able to retrieve the plans.[1]


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