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"They don't let them carry the bombs much these days. Something about giving bombs to the guys who were too crazy to resoc was a bad idea."

The G-4 cluster bomb is a type of terran anti-personnel ordnance developed by Enlightened Dynamics. They were in production by the Second Great War.[1]

The G-4 is thrown by infantry. The initial blast scatters additional explosive charges.[1] While they were once a staple armament of reapers, they were rarely equipped with them by 2505, due to reapers' volatile nature.[2]

Game Upgrade[]

The G-4 is an upgrade for the reaper in the StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign.[1]

Reapers can hurl G-4 cluster bombs. G-4 cluster bombs deal 155 splash damage to all units and structures in a radius of 3.

This anti-personnel charge detonates shortly after being thrown. The initial blast ejects a cluster of smaller charges that deal additional damage in a large radius.

Please note that Enlightened Dynamics assumes no liability for deaths due to friendly fire.

Hotkey G
Cooldown 60 seconds
Campaign Acquisition
Acquired from Hyperion armory for $75,000


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