"Remembered, some of we.

The ancient homeworlds, remembered we. The starving young, remembered we.
The fear, remembered we."
To the We, called we. Saved us, the We. Became, we.

Long-lived, are we. The language of color and mind, remembered we. Count, could we."

Gargantis proximae were telepathic, semi-intelligent, long-lived, space faring creatures. They had multiple homeworlds. The first zerg overlords were created centuries before the Great War from assimilated Gargantis. The herbivorous Gargantis were facing starvation; they psionically summoned the Swarm and willingly accepted assimilation to survive.[1] The Swarm uses overlords as sensors and control nexii.[2] Gargantis possessed a thick carapace, which changed little through assimilation, and elongated appendages that hung from their underbellies.[3]

Genetically, overlords are almost identical to the Gargantis—to date, they are the only known core strain to pass through assimilation so unblemished. Dr. Talen Ayers proposed two theories as to why this was—one, the Gargantis had the properties the zerg desired, and as such, little modification of their genetic code was required. Two, the zerg are unwilling to meddle too deeply with the structural makeup of species that possess great psionic ability, knowing that even the slightest of changes can destroy this ability. He counted on the latter.[4]

Those original Gargantis proximae assimilated into overlords were able to return to their pre-infestation sentient state upon breaking contact with the zerg hive mind. However, by the Deinfestation of Kerrigan, only two of these original overlords had survived, with one later being killed by a Terran Dominion marine group on Tarsonis.[1]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Gargantis communicated through a psionic language, tentacle manipulation and color. They could live centuries, and mourned their dead. The outer carapace of a grieving Gargantis changed color; in the oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere of Tarsonis this color was sky blue.

The assimilated Gargantis that became the first overlords referred to their transformation as "the Becoming".[1]

Known Gargantis[edit | edit source]

References[edit | edit source]

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