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The Garm Brood is one of the many Zerg Broods. Orange in color, it is probably one of the best known of the Zerg Broods, despite its size, which is considerably smaller than many other prominent Broods.

Lead by the cunning Cerebrate Zasz, the Garm Brood is part of the Zerg Swarm's main attack wing, along with numerically far superior Jormungand and Surtur Broods. The brood makes up for its relatively small numbers by employing guerrilla tactics, including surprise attacks and frequent raids. It is known both for its extreme ferocity and the speed at which it attacks.


The Garm brood is best known for its invasion of Chau Sara and its sister world, Mar Sara. The cunning surprise attack by the Zerg quickly overran the Terran defenders of both colony worlds, and the Protoss responded by destroying both worlds to remove the menace of the Garm Brood. Though many of its hive clusters were destroyed, many of the members of the Garm Brood survived the attack, however it may not have ever recovered its former strength.

The Brood then attacked the Terran colony world of Antiga Prime with the assistance of the Surtur Brood. When the Norad II crashed on the world, its crash site was surrounded by one of the Surtur Brood's hive clusters, and the crash site was attacked frequently by members of the Garm Brood until the rescue of the ship crew by Jim Raynor. The Brood then left Terran Space and returned to the primary Hive Cluster on planet Char.

When the Tassadar and Zeratul sent an attack force to Char, Tassadar distracted the swarm and engaged Kerrigan's Brood. During the attack, Zeratul broke through the Garm Brood's defenses and killed Zasz. The Brood went insane without its Cerebrate controller, threatening the primary Hive Cluster. It was completely eradicated by Kerrigan's Brood as a result.

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