Gary Crane was a mercenary who worked for Mira Han, but later betrayed her. He was tall and gangly with lank black hair.[1]


During the Flashpoint Conflict, Raynor's Raiders were granted sanctuary from the pursuing Dominion Fleet on Dead Man's Rock by Mira Han. Crane greeted them at Han's base of operations, showing them around, and speaking higher of her employer. However, the Hyperion came under attack by mercenaries while on the planet, and simultaneously, Crane drew his gun on Raynor and his allies. It didn't last long however, as Valerian Mengsk was able to disarm him.

Crane and his fellow mercs pursued their foes into a prefab building. Having cornered them, they tossed gas grenades into it. However, when they entered the building itself, they found they were gone. An uneasy Crane contacted Cooper, who pointed out that there had to be a tunnel under the floor, and that they had no idea where it led. He ordered Crane to send some men to the original rendezvous point the Raiders were going to use, and also find out where the tunnel went.

Despite the efforts of Crane and his mercs, the Raiders were able to escape. A fuming Mira Han resolved to deal with the mercs who had betrayed her. And lining up her sights, she decided to start with Crane...


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