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Gehenna Station was a cloaked mobile space platform the size of a small moon, hollowed out of the core of an asteroid, used by Project Shadowblade. It was enhanced by Umojan Protectorate technology and controlled by a unique AI, Lio Travski, the presence of whom allowed the station to be run with a minimal crew. At the minimum, all that would be required to pilot the station was Travski and a single terran.

The station had an advanced cloaking device that could render it undetectable, which was often operated by a cadre of Umojan researchers. The station was defended by weapons and shields. It included numerous stations, holding resocialized marines in psi indoctrinators. Its interior included rough-hewn corridors, sparse living quarters, stasis chambers for use by spectres, a docking bay, cells, and a bridge.[1]


In 2501, Gehenna Station opened fire on a space platform orbiting Maltair IV. Only a single man survived, albeit mentally traumatized. The Annihilators, a Dominion special forces unit, tasked with hunting a pirate ship in the area, were the first responders. Gehenna survived, controlled by Project Shadowblade, and would go on to secretly attack the Dominion.

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Wireframe of Gehenna Station

Two years later, Gehenna served as Cole Bennett's base of operations for his rebellion against the Terran Dominion. It was intended that Gehenna would approach Korhal (while cloaked), and use it as a holding area for Arcturus Mengsk, who would be extracted from his palace. Mengsk would be forced to confess his crimes against humanity, and Bennett would step in to fill the power vacuum the disgraced emperor would leave behind. The plan was thwarted by Nova Terra however, and the station was destroyed when the Annihilators hit it with a nuclear missile.[1]

Game Effect

StarCraft: Ghost

Gehenna Station was set to appear in StarCraft: Ghost as the headquarters of Project Shadowblade. It was loctaed within an asteroid, with the rock providing visual and sensor shielding. Hauler hoped from Gehenna he could use his spectres to overthrow the Terran Dominion.[2]


Gehenna Station SC-BG-BW Art1

Gehenna Station in StarCraft: The Board Game


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