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"The Dominion Engineering Corps (a division of the Kel-Morian Combine) proudly announces the availability of a new, low cost station design."

- Gemini Announcement(src)

The station's logo

Gemini Station is a terran space platform; part of the Gemini Series. Designed by the Dominion Engineering Corps, it has been called "a revolutionary step in space platform architecture", the series is suitable for nearly any orbital application. By utilizing a patented symmetrical structural layout, Gemini Series platforms can be constructed for half the cost of traditional station designs in half the time.

Game Map[]

The station serves as a multiplayer map in StarCraft, supporting two players. Many choke points exist and the entire area is accessible by ground forces.


Gemini may derive its name from a number of sources. These include the constellation Gemini, the astrological sign Gemini or Project Gemini; the second US human flight program.


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