Genna Xann is a female terran reporter for UNN, namely its show Universe Tonight.

Known ReportingEdit

Xann has made one known report, namely on a breakthrough by the Kel-Morian Research Facility in data recovery on the Sarengo. The report is listed below;

Easter ReportEdit

The ceremonies surrounding the celebration of many holidays have changed in both their meaning and nature over the centuries and the study and interpretation of these rituals has been the key focus of a consortium of Terran anthropologists here at the Kel-Morian Research Facility. Although scientists disagree on what the true meaning of the upcoming holiday known as Easter may have been, new findings may give us some idea on how this important event was observed by our ancient ancestors on Earth.

Recent breakthroughs in data reconstruction have retrieved vital information from the salvaged computer wreckage recovered from the ancient Sarengo crash site. These restored files seems to confirm the current practice of celebrating Easter with gifts of small yellow and pink SynthEggs, cunningly crafted into realistic bird and bunny shapes. The custom of these gifts being delivered by a mysterious giant anthropomorphic Badger that wanders from sealed dome to sealed dome also seems rooted in fact, although the culmination of the day's celebration being a giant chrysalis hunt coupled with the wholesale slaughter of warring factions may be a more recent addition to these historic festivities.

Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter This is Genna Xann, Universe Tonight.

Suffice to say, the conclusions are a bit off.


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