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George was a Umojan worker at Spearpoint Base, and a friend of Frank.


George was one of the close friends of Frank, who would have meals together after they arrived at Spearpoint Base. Eventually, he became close to Caleb as well.

After the death of Russell, George and his friends went to the base's bar to drink in his honor. George informed the group that the factory was investigating new arrivals for connection to the murder. Later, after Jace went missing, George speculated he may have been a spy who vanished, and tried to guess whether his strict adherence to the rules would make him a bad spy or the best spy.[1]

In the aftermath of Jace's dissapearance the factory was in chaos as schedules and pay halted. George noticed the Caleb went missing, which Frank said was because the noise was bothering him. Later while they shared a meal, George pointed out that Frank should replace Jace as shift manager.

Later, while they were drinking coffee, Frank announced that he would put his name in for shift manager to George and Caleb. However, suddenly a Nerazim broke in, stabbing George through the chest with her warp blade and killing him, and then killing Frank. Caleb, who had been unwillingly working with the Nerazim, doused George and Frank's body in flammable liquid, and used a short in the factory to start a fire to distract the workers.[2]


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