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George Woodley was an employee of the Confederate Bureau of Protection of Monies and Valuable Items. He was guarding a vault full of credits on a train on New Sydney when it was robbed by Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay. Raynor knocked him out.

Woodley was reassigned to protect the Covington Bank on Bacchus Moon. Unfortunately, his presence interfered with the duo's robbery. Woodley told Raynor that the money he was going to steal had come from Farm Aid, which had helped farmers like his mother. Raynor was outraged and tried to leave the robbery. Fellow robber Ash Thompson disagreed, and ordered the deaths of all customers and employees there. Raynor intervened to save Woodley's life, but ended up being shot in the back for his trouble.

The robbery was foiled and Woodley was the only bank employee to survive.[1]


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