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"Attention! Defenders of the United Earth Directorate, this is Admiral DuGalle. You were all briefed before we left Earth, so you know that we have come here to conquer this sector in the name of Humanity. Should any of you have second thoughts about performing your assigned duties, be reminded that if we fail in our mission here, not one of us will be going home. We stand or fall together in this forsaken wasteland!

Serve the Directorate. Serve Humanity. All other priorities are secondary to victory! DuGalle out."

- Admiral Gerard DuGalle to his troops at Braxis(src)

Gerard DuGalle was a human from Earth and a highly decorated admiral in the United Earth Directorate.

DuGalle, aged sixty-four, was a lifelong friend of Alexei Stukov[2]. He was married to a woman named Helena, with whom he had children.[3]



DuGalle spent most of his life defending Earth from its enemies. By 64 years of age and with countless victories to his credit, he was considered to be the greatest military leader within the United Powers League.

DuGalle is appointed as head of the fleet

The UED, having been aware of the results of Doran Routhe's failed experiment to colonize new planets for Earth for some time (even when the United Powers League was still in power), decided to send an expeditionary force to the Koprulu sector sometime during the first battles fought by protoss, terrans and zerg. The expeditionary force was tasked with pacifying the sector; bringing the terran worlds which the newly christened United Earth Directorate regarded as "rogue colonies" under its control and containing the zerg and protoss. Given the extreme nature of the expedition, DuGalle was unanimously nominated to be entrusted with the mission of commanding the expeditionary force, having three primary objectives:

  1. Conquer all of the "rogue" terran colonies, and capture the Emperor, Arcturus Mengsk, of the newly-formed Terran Dominion.
  2. Take control of the entire Zerg Swarm by capturing the Overmind with psychics and powerful drugs.
  3. Use the captured Zerg Swarm to pacify all protoss activity within the sector.

DuGalle accepted the mission, though he was uncomfortable with using the zerg to achieve victory, feeling that they represented an unnecessary risk and would rather employ more conventional tactics. Regardless, DuGalle commanded the force from the UED flagship, Aleksander, with his friend Alexei Stukov as his tactical advisor.[2]

Early Actions[]

"You've seen nothing! Dissecting a dead zerg in a lab is one thing. Unleashing them on men is another."

- DuGalle to Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov(src)

The hand of man

DuGalle and his fleet arrived in the Koprulu sector after the death of the original Overmind. At that point, the majority of the terran population was under Mengsk's control, and the last units of the now defunct Terran Confederacy had been more or less conscripted into Mengsk's forces.[2]

The admiral issued a proclamation to his forces after the long journey from Earth. Now that they were physically isolated from home, he reminded his subordinates that only through unity and resolve would victory, and possibly their own survival, be won.[4]

DuGalle's first action involved the demonstration of the destructive ability of the zerg. He released a host of zerg that had been captured by the expeditionary force for research purposes onto an unsuspecting Dominion colony to observe them in warfare, with DuGalle and Stukov observing the ensuing battle from the Aleksander, hovering above the battlefield. Stukov was generally uninterested, but DuGalle forced him to watch how the zerg massacred the unprepared colonial forces, claiming that the live demonstration would instill a resolve within the Vice Admiral that recorded dissections could not. As it became clear that the colonial forces were losing the battle DuGalle was asked if he wished to intervene; he chose not to, ordering that the Aleksander be taken into orbit, abandoning the colonists to the zerg.[5]


DuGalle during the Brood War

The UED expeditionary force soon arrived at the outlying Dominion world of Braxis. DuGalle sent troops to the surface of Braxis. These troops immediately faced more problems, being low on vespene gas and having no intelligence of extra deposits on the planet. However, the expeditionary force soon found help from an unlikely ally, a group known as the Confederate Resistance Forces, seemingly a remnant of the Confederacy's forces, led by a Lieutenant Samir Duran. Although initial suspicion regarding Duran's intentions was shown and as to why help should be accepted help from people the expeditionary force was sent to pacify was brought forward, as Duran had better knowledge of the planet than the expeditionary force. The Confederate Resistance Forces were accepted into the expeditionary force as "colonial conscripts." With Duran's help, DuGalle's forces were able to locate vital vespene gas geysers and successfully attacked Braxis's capital city, Boralis, using a route suggested by Duran.[4] Through this initial success, UED forces were able to gain control of vital Dominion intelligence assets, which would form the cornerstone of their wildly-successful initial push into Dominion space.[6]

The Dylarian Shipyards[]

Admiral DuGalle

DuGalle planned an attack on the Dylarian Shipyards of Dylar IV, where a number of Dominion battlecruisers were being held in drydock. Duran warned him that the Dominion could quickly reinforce its outlying bases, but DuGalle was unhappy with the acquisition of Duran; he considered Duran a "turncoat." [7]

The UED forces successfully commandeered the fleet of battlecruisers from the Dylarian Shipyards. In an attempt to stop the battlecruiser fleet from falling into hands of this "unknown Terran group," a Dominion fleet under the command of General Edmund Duke intercepted it. Duke demanded the UED force to surrender and ordered his fleet to engage, but his forces were defeated by the larger UED fleet[6]. The shipyards were destroyed and the remaining Dominion forces were impressed into the UED fleet.[8]


Shortly afterwards, the expeditionary force discovered a Psi Disrupter on the former Confederacy's capital world of Tarsonis[8]. Duran convinced DuGalle to destroy it over Stukov's strenuous objections. [9] Duran was left behind on Tarsonis with a small force as the main fleet traveled to the Dominion throne world, Korhal IV, in order to destroy the disrupter. When Duran fought his way past zerg forces and reached his target, ghosts working for Stukov intervened, saying that Stukov would oversee the device's destruction. Duran did not challenge them[8]. Stukov's Elite Guard secretly disassembled the device, rather than destroying it.[10]

Hunt for the Emperor[]

Admiral DuGalle

The UED fleet assaulted Korhal. Dominion power was broken and Mengsk was forced to flee; Directorate forces were unable to capture the emperor, however, as DuGalle's men were ambushed by Commander Jim Raynor and a small protoss fleet, who helped Mengsk escape[11]. An astonished DuGalle then turned his attention to capturing Raynor, who had fled to Aiur. [12]

The battle on Aiur was a disaster. While the UED troops defeated the rampaging zerg and the protoss, a large wave of zerg appeared and distracted the UED at this critical moment; they had approached from Duran's sector, but he had moved his troops out of the way. Duran deliberately ignored Stukov's attempts to warn him about the zerg, enabling Raynor and Mengsk to escape through a warp gate on the planet, which then self-destructed.[13]


"On my authority, enter the Psi Disrupter... and... deal with the Vice Admiral appropriately..."

- DuGalle to Lieutenant Samir Duran(src)

DuGalle gives his orders

Stukov left the planet with a large contingent of troops to take care of a private matter. Stukov did not directly inform DuGalle of what he was doing or where he was going, leading DuGalle to believe he was abandoning the battle on Aiur. Tracking him to Braxis, DuGalle and Duran became aware of a new development: the psi disrupter had been reconstructed and had been activated.

Duran told DuGalle that Stukov had betrayed him, and that he reconstructed the disrupter in order to sabotage DuGalle's mission in the Koprulu sector. DuGalle was reluctant to believe it, but stated that the evidence was incontrovertible. With a heavy heart, he ordered Duran to enter the disrupter and deal with the traitor. [14]

Aware that DuGalle would send troops after him, Stukov had his men secure the disrupter, and brought in goliaths to help assist his infantry units in an effort to protect it, but ultimately even this measure failed. Duran confronted Stukov, who had taken shelter in a control center within the disrupter, and personally executed Stukov for treason. Although mortally wounded, Stukov managed to inform DuGalle that the traitor was actually Duran, who had been infested by the zerg [15]. In the mayhem that followed, Duran disappeared as the disrupter entered its self destruct sequence and numerous zerg forces entered the structure. An enraged DuGalle managed to save the psi disrupter, swear vengeance upon the zerg, and set out to take control of the Overmind.[10]

To Chain the Beast[]

"Alexei was right. The Disrupter is the key to victory here. If I had destroyed the machine as Duran suggested we would never have made it this far... Nevertheless, the time is upon us, Captain, to do what we came here for. We will claim the Overmind in the name of Humanity!"

- DuGalle gives his orders before the assault on Char(src)

The admiral and the queen

DuGalle and his men were successful in their attempt to capture the Overmind on Char and its minions, partially because of the psi disrupter. In the aftermath of the battle, Duran resurfaced, presenting his 'queen' to DuGalle (commanding from the Aleksander)—Sarah Kerrigan, the Queen of Blades. The two verbally sparred, Kerrigan assuring the admiral that the UED's reign in the sector would be short-lived. Before departing, she let out a last verbal barb, that Stukov had been twice the man DuGalle was, and she was glad that he'd saved her the trouble of killing him herself. Kerrigan and Duran departed, as did DuGalle, as the UED and zerg forces engaged in an aerial battle.[16]

In the following period, DuGalle instituted a series of intense training exercises on the forbidding surface of the planet. With the security of the now-tamed Overmind being the linchpin of further military success in the Koprulu sector, DuGalle needed to know that the harsh environment of Char would not make this task impossible. Forces that were able to function on Char stayed and served as a garrison force. Those that couldn't "take the heat" were stationed elsewhere[17]. Prior to the UED's victory report, he was present at Stukov's memorial service aboard the Aleksander.[18]


"I am Kerrigan. The Zerg you've killed here and the Overmind which you've come to collect... are mine. As is our mutual friend Lieutenant Duran. You see, Admiral... there are a number of groups in this sector who feel that your involvement here causes certain complications. My associates and I intend to make sure that your reign is short lived."

- Sarah Kerrigan to DuGalle(src)

DuGalle had underestimated the determination of Sarah Kerrigan, who recruited Raynor, Mengsk, and Fenix into helping her to destroy the psi disrupter[19]. She then launched a massive offensive against the UED forces on Korhal. The UED attempted to boost their numbers with their Slave Broods, but they had more trouble controlling the zerg than anticipated. Kerrigan defeated these "renegade" Zerg and drove the UED from Korhal[20]. Now aware of the serious threat Kerrigan posed to his reign, DuGalle launched the enslaved zerg against Kerrigan's base of operations on Tarsonis. The UED was still having problems controlling the Overmind, and so DuGalle sent a special team of scientists to help direct the attack [21]. However, Kerrigan's forces killed these scientists and defeated his forces. Kerrigan, after gathering secret allies[22], attacked Char itself. Here, the UED's control over the Overmind had vastly improved. Nevertheless, Kerrigan's zerg broke through the UED's defenses and reached the Overmind. Dark Prelate Zeratul, having been blackmailed by Kerrigan, then slew the reborn Overmind[23]. In a last bid for victory, DuGalle made a desperate attack against Kerrigan's forces on a defense platform over Char when she was in a weak position[24]. Protoss forces under the command of Praetor Artanis and the remnants of the Dominion under the command of Mengsk assaulted the platform at the same time. However all three forces were defeated by the zerg. DuGalle acknowledged his defeat at Kerrigan's hands, and offered the terms of surrender, but Kerrigan refused to accept them. She instead offered him and his forces a head start to Earth, before she sent her swarms against him [25].

Fall from Grace[]

"Dearest Helena, - By now, the news of our defeat has reached the Earth. - The creatures we were sent here to tame are un-tamable. - and the colonies we were sent to reclaim have proven to be stronger than we anticipated. - Whatever you may hear about what has happened out here, know this; - Alexei did not die gloriously in battle. - I killed him. My pride killed him. - And now my pride has consumed me as well. - You will never see me again, Helena. - Tell our children that I love them, - and that their father died in defense of their future. - Au revoir."

- DuGalle's final message(src)

DuGalle's final moments

The UED Expeditionary Fleet began to retreat from the sector. The defeat and the death of long-time friend, Stukov, weighed heavily on him. DuGalle composed a farewell letter to Helena, explaining the circumstances of the defeat and revealing the true nature of Stukov's death and his own role in it. He then shot himself with a Luger 9mm pistol[3]. The message, or any news of the defeat, never reached the UED; the fleet was caught and entirely destroyed by the pursuing zerg.[26]


"This view makes me think of a comrade. Gerard. Sleep well, my friend."

- Stukov while above Korhal(src)

Years after DuGalle's death, Stukov remembered his old friend fondly.[27][28]

Game Unit[]

In StarEdit, DuGalle is referred to as "Gerard DuGalle (ghost)."
He is represented by a renamed Norad II, with the rank changing to "Admiral," in "To Chain the Beast." There is an unused unit for him.

DuGalle appears as a hero in StarCraft: The Board Game: Brood War for its printable United Earth Directorate faction. He is mislabeled as "General DuGalle."[29]


DuGalle in StarCraft: Cartooned

  • DuGalle's name may be a reference to General Charles de Gaulle, a French general with a respectable reputation who fought in World War II and was the leader of the Résistance.
  • Gerard DuGalle shares similarities with Gerard Duval, a French soldier in the World War I novel All Quiet on the Western Front. The death by Luger pistol may be a reference to his death by the German soldier Paul Bäumer. Duval left behind a letter to his wife and family before he was killed.
  • DuGalle's face model was taken from the model of Lester from the "Wasteland Patrol" cinematic.[30]


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