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"This is madness. You have birthed an abomination!
History is written by the victors. And history will know me as the father of a new and mighty race."

- Muadun and Stanley Burgess discuss the first gestalt(src)

GestaltZero FullBody Art

Enhanced combat performance


Enhanced psionic powers compared to ghost baseline


Protoss/terran hybrid

Gestalts are terran ghosts, spliced with protoss parts to become a hybrid of the two races, created by experimentation on the former species by Project Gestalt – a black ops research program under the Terran Dominion.

Gestalts had unspecified psionic abilities, including the ability to use psionic blades. Project leader Doctor Stanley Burgess intended to have them access the Khala and use energy shields as well.

GestaltZero Back Implants

Gestalt Zero's protoss implants.

Grafting templar-grade psionic appendages to them increased their psionic abilities and combat potential. The Dominion sought to mass-produce these creatures in preparation for conflict against the zerg and protoss. They would be controlled by neural conditioning and neural inhibitors.

The project came to an end, with the sole existing specimen, Gestalt Zero, breaking free of his neural inhibitor and working with the protoss.[1]

Known GestaltsEdit

GestaltZero DoNoHarm Comic1

Gestalt Zero – a prototype


According to Chris Metzen, it is unlikely that gestalts will appear in StarCraft II. Storywise, the concept has been more or less confined to Do No Harm.[2]


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