Ghost No. 24506 was the designation for a male terran conscripted into the Ghost Program. He was skilled in CQC and possessed a significant level of psionic power.


24506 performed numerous services for the Terran Confederacy, one such assignment being a dispatch to Korhal while in the throes of its rebellion. Alongside Ghost No. 24 and Ghost No. 24718, he took part in the assassination of rebel leader Angus Mengsk, along with his wife and daughter.

Not long after, 24506 found himself aboard the Norad II, which was tasked with searching for a ghost that had defected to the Sons of Korhal. He boarded the rebel vessel, assassinating a few rebels before facing his counterpart (his old comrade, Ghost No. 24). After a desperate struggle, and despite the advantage of being cloaked, the rebel managed to defeat him, plunging a combat knife repeatedly into his chest.[1]


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