Ghost No. 24718 was the designation for a male terran conscripted into the Ghost Program.


24718 performed numerous services for the Terran Confederacy, one such assignment being a dispatch to Korhal while in the throes of its rebellion. Alongside Ghost No. 24 and Ghost No. 24506, he took part in the assassination of rebel leader Angus Mengsk and his wife and daughter.

Awhile later, 24718 was residing in the Ghost Academy on Tarsonis, present when a band of rebels attacked the facility. A spike from a C-14 rifle hit him in the head, knocking him unconscious. When he awoke, he found himself on the bridge of the rebel vessel, facing down the rebel leader, Arcturus Mengsk. The rebel proceeded to tell 24718 the last words that he would ever hear;

Not long after I ended my service in the Confederacy, something happened to me; my life's great catastrophe, as I often describe it to myself. You see my father, Angus, was a revolutionary. Back then I didn't share his views, but he caused quite a stir among the people around him. The Confederacy considered him a threat...and they had him assassinated.

Three Ghosts were tasked to complete the job. Sarah killed one of them on this very vessel not long ago. You, No. 24718, were one of the three. You probably don't even remember doing it. That's why I wanted to tell you before you died.

And with that, 24718 was shot once in the chest, dying soon after, killed for an act he could not even remember doing.[1]


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