The Ghost Town is the ruins of a major township of Chau Sara after its destruction.


Chau Sara has been a flash point for unparalleled hostilities during the Wars. Seeding the atmosphere with toxic spores, the zerg enslaved the terran population that founded the colony and changed the surface of the world to better support their Hive clusters. Then, out of the cold endlessness of space, a great protoss fleet arrived and, seeking to prevent further infestation, incinerated the planet. Since that time, Chau Sara has been a lifeless world hanging in the void.

After the EndEdit

Chau Sara was not completely forgotten. The world was later visited by terran "Reconstructionists", who wished to rebuild the ruin of a major township. However, they ran into zerg "Pillagers" who wished to remove the world's treasures. The two sides came into conflict.

Game MapEdit

The town serves as a multiplayer map for StarCraft. It supports up to six players.


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