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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

A gift is a wrapped Christmas present that appears in the Co-op Missions mutator "Gift Exchange."[1]

Game Effect[]

Gifts appear in the Co-op Missions mutator "Gift Exchange." Players must move their units to the gift, which spawn on a set timer along with a group of enemy units. If the player keeps a unit near the gift for twenty seconds uncontested by Amon's forces, both players will receive a random gift. However, Amon's units may claim gifts too, giving him an advantage.

After every two gifts, Amon will automatically claim the next gift that spawns on the map.[1]

Player Gifts[]

  • Vespene gas pickups appear on the map (15 plus the number of in-game minutes that have elapsed)
  • Activates Chrono Surge for the player
  • Player receives a free HERC, scout, or brood queen depending on their race
  • Three MULEs with Christmas hats drop at the player's main base, with an unselectable oracle dancing over their main base for the duration.
  • 10 layers of the Avenger buff applied to a random unit
  • Resets the Naught List debuff for the player
  • Player received an archangel
  • All units are free for 10 seconds
  • All of a player's units and structures are healed to full, with constant healing over 60 seconds

Amon Gifts[]

  • A random mutator activates for 180 seconds
  • Amon receives 30 widow mines, burrowed banelings, or stasis wards around the map
  • Amon receives 15 scourge or banelings, depending on whether the players have five air units
  • Amon receives a group of 5-8 hybrid
  • Amon receives an invincible kill bot
  • Five current or future shuttles receive Super Overcharge
  • All players' units are shrunk, and get half HP and damage for 60 seconds (rounded down)


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