"Each Dominion Defense Force recruit must pass a battery of tests that are designed to determine if they are truly worthy to serve with the finest fighting force in the galaxy. The most grueling of these trials is code named Glacier Bay."

- General Edmund Duke.(src)

"Glacier Bay" is the codename for a Dominion Defense Force training exercise for recruits that follows the successful completion of the "Mountain Stronghold" exercise.[1]

At the start of the exercise, the recruits are informed that they will be stationed at an outpost overlooking Glacier Bay for routine training exercises. To their dismay, dropships land them on a nearby island and the prospective soldiers are forced to live off the meager resources that their landing zone provides. This requires these prospective soldiers to work up enough intestinal fortitude -- or disdain for their situation -- to swim across the freezing waters to the mainland. This point is pressed once simulated hostile forces are thrown into the exercise.[2]

Game MapEdit

The bay serves as a multiplayer map in StarCraft: Brood War. It supports up to four players.


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