"Glacius facility. Within lies the greatest weaponry the empire ever developed."
Glacius Purifier SC2-LotV Cncpt

Glacius facility

Glacius Facility was a protoss Khalai Caste research base on the planet Glacius. Within it the greatest weapons of the Protoss Empire were developed. It was the site of the Purifier revival program, which was made to create a new generation of Purifiers.[1] The facility was defended by a series of large cannons, as well as a series of sentry and warp prism defenses in its interior.

During the End War, Hierarch Artanis moved on the facility in order to claim the revived Purifier program for use against Amon. However, First Ascendant Alarak of the Tal'darim had taken a portion of the death fleet and began destroying the facility with his mothership's displacement beam. The Daelaam raced the beam and fought through Tal'darim defenses in order to reach the facility's technology vault, which housed the Purifier research. The Tal'darim attempted to use the facility's defenses against them, the Daelaam were successful in retrieving the Purifier cache and prototype warrior, though the facility was destroyed in the process.[2]



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