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"Iaalu knew from his primings that the glave wurm was nothing more than an organic machine. Its single motivating purpose, the be-all and end-all of its happiness, was to knife through its targets, exploding bits of itself upon impact until it was gone. That was the summation of the wurm's existence; that was what the zerg had perfected it to do, down to its very life cycle."

- Iaalu(src)

A mutalisk extruding a glaive wurm

The glaive wurm, or glave wurm, is a semi-sentient[1] parasite utilized by mutalisks. Mutalisks attack by firing the parasites[2] with great force[1].
The parasites may bounce off and strike multiple targets while disintegrating explosively,[2] able to ravage entire armies.[3]
Glaive wurms are genetically modified in the mutalisk's womb to quickly age as they speed through the air, reaching full maturity upon reaching their final target and inflicting maximum damage. They will change in color from an incandescent green in their "adult" cycle, to an emerald sheen as it ages, finally to a viridian shortly before death.[4]

The glaive wurms are launched from a mutalisk's modified ovipositor.[5]
They trace their origins to the glave parasite, which bonded with the mantis screamers prior to their assimilation by the zerg.[1]


The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft which is no longer valid.

The glaive wurm was originally intended as a queen weapon during pre-release versions of StarCraft.[6][7]
It ended up being used as the primary weapon of the mutalisk.


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