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"Ahh, men don't change, Marshal. You stay a lawman long enough, you'll know it's so. Why I keep my eye on you."

- Glenn McAaron(src)

Sheriff Glenn McAaron was a Confederate lawman who served on Mar Sara. He was a stubborn man who was set in his ways, and refused to believe that criminals could change.


Glenn McAaron was a long time sheriff on Mar Sara. He was an overweight and grizzly, and fairly up in years by 2496. He had a strong dislike for Jim Raynor, who he believed would always be a criminal, and kept a close eye on him.

In 2496, McAaron was in charge of escorting three prisoners, T-Bone Smalls, Rodney Oseen, and Marduke Saul, in a prison cube to the border of Perdition's Crossing to hand them off to Jim Raynor for the final stretch to El Indio Prison. McAaron made jabs at Raynor's criminal past in front of the prisoners, to which Raynor threatened that if he did it again, they'd have more than words. McAaron, flustered, handed him the remote to the prisoner's electronic anklets and let him go.


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