Gohbus Moon orbited around Gohbus, a Terran Dominion colony world. It had a cold, snowy climate.


Due to a terraforming disaster c. 2500, Gohbus' population was forced to flee to a refugee camp on the moon. However, Gohbus seemed likely to explode, which would hurl the moon into space, killing everyone there. The populace was in a state of panic, with people desperate to get anywhere else. The Dominion military made no effort to rescue people there, not seeing that as their job.

Colin Phash, son of former Dominion senator Corbin Phash, was a young child with psionic powers. He traveled there in the care of Andrew Ballenger, Corbin's former aide. They were being pursued by Dominion wrangler Randall, who was determined to send Colin to the Ghost Program.

When Randall tracked them down to the refugee camp, he first tried a "nice" tactic, trading a trip off the moon to anyone who passed on information about Colin. When that failed, he resorted to using zerglings—kept under control by "lobotomization" to cut them off from the Zerg Swarm and explosive collars—to track Colin instead. The zerglings caused the populace to panic even further, as they believed Colin's powers were luring them there. Colin's identification was sent to Randall, while the zerglings tracked Colin to his neighborhood, only to suddenly "lose" him. The Dominion eventually acquired Colin for the Ghost Program and broadcast the "good news" on UNN.[1]



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