Gohbus Moon Refugee Camp was established on Gohbus Moon's military outpost in 2500 following the Gohbus terraforming tragedy.

As Gohbus' crust literally fell apart, the populace fled to the refugee camp-a collection of shanties and urban squalor. If Gohbus completely fell apart, it would hurl the moon into space, killing everyone there. The Dominion sent ships to rescue the citizenry, but reports indicated there weren't nearly enough, causing panic.

Fugitive psychic child Colin Phash hid among the refugees there. He was tracked by wrangler Randall, along with zerglings "lobotomized" to cut them off from the Zerg Swarm. Their attacks seemed like a random incursion, prompting the populace to reveal Phash's presence, as they felt his powers were luring the zerg there. Phash was captured and turned over to the Ghost Program.[1]


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