"Goliath One" was a Terran Dominion Goliath pilot that served under Colonel Abram Cruikshank during the One-Day War. As Cruikshank saw Goliath pilots as quick to die and be replaced, he referred to these pilots as their squadron names.

During the defense of the third adostra, Cruikshank's group, consisting of five Goliaths, two platoons of marines, a squad of reapers and Cruikshank's Warhound, were assigned to support a Daelaam force under Commander Alikka. Goliath One and Goliath Two were assigned to hold the edge of the marshlands at their flanks along with the marines. They survived wave after wave of zerg. Later in the battle, Goliath One and Goliath Four were forced to use their Hellfire missiles on zerglings, something Cruikshank lamented was a waste of ammunition. Goliath One later detected a wave of banelings that went outside the control of their hive mind, the chitha, and went feral.

Goliath One survived the battle, pushing back the zerg in time of a survey team to save the adostra nest.[1]


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