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Graham McNeill is a game developer and author for Games Workshop and the Black Library, working on codices and novels respectively.

He wrote the novel StarCraft: I, Mengsk,[1] his first commercial venture away from the Games Workshop settings.[2] Prior to this, he was already familiar with the StarCraft universe, but nonetheless read all the already existing novels at the time and scoured the Internet for preparation.[3]

Future WorksEdit

McNeil is currently at work writing more novels for the Black Library, but would like to write more StarCraft novels in the future. One story has already been put together, set in the universe, but doesn't deal with characters or storylines from the games. However, Blizzard asked him to put it on hold in order to do I, Mengsk. In addition, he's interested in portraying the protoss and zerg and "to explore the unexplored areas of the Koprulu Sector and see what’s hiding in its darkest corners…"[2][4][5]


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