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"You're all heart, Mr. Hill."

- A sarcastic Jim Raynor(src)

Graven Hill is a mercenary recruiter[2] with links to the black market.[3][4]

As per his occupation, he possesses an intimidating demeanor.[4]



Hill experienced a stable and somewhat sheltered upbringing on Umoja. Hill was expected to become a politician like his mother and father, although he found politics to be unfulfilling and pointless. The Guild Wars allowed Hill to escape these expectations; he became a volunteer combatant for the Kel-Morian Combine, which pleased his anti-Confederate parents. While many Umojan volunteers were motivated by anti-Confederate politics, Hill was motivated by money; he had secured a lucrative contract with a mercenary outfit to protect valuable Kel-Morian mining outposts.[4]

During the wars, Hill befriended fellow merc Remy Harris. As mercenaries, they put work and payment before political allegiances. The two men went on to pursue a more profitable contract with the Terran Confederacy, and after the conflict formed their own mercenary outfit. During the Sons of Korhal guerilla war against the Confederacy, Hill and Harris riskily provided troops to both sides to maximize profits. This eventually backfired when the Confederates captured some of the mercenary-backed rebels and traced them back to the two men; Harris was killed during the Confederates raid on their business headquarters, but Hill escaped back to Umoja.

Word of Hill's mercenary work for the Confederacy during and since the Guild Wars had preceded him. Hill had not spoken to his family since the Guild Wars and found they had disowned him. There were no legal repercussions but he was ostracized. This affected Graven deeply, but he continued to engage in mercenary work; it was all he knew and enjoyed doing.[4]


By the Confederacy's fall in 2500, Hill was running a new merc outfit at Deadman's Port, a haven for hired guns and black-market goods. Eventually he took an intense interest in Raynor's Raiders and their rebellion against the new Terran Dominion. Hill surprised other mercenaries by approaching and joining the rebels, providing exclusive access to his troops. The mercenary kept his relationship as strictly business leading the rebels to speculate at his motives; some thought he sought a chance to relive past battles, and fight for more than money this time.[4]

Second Great War[]

"Fightin' the zerg and Dominion all at once is gonna take its toll on my standing forces. You got any guns for hire?"
"Well y'know, the invasion makes it a sellers' market right now. Still, your bartender over there makes a hell of a Mai Tai... So sure - I've got some mercenary contracts you might be interested in."

- Raynor and Hill.(src)

Hill at work

When the zerg invaded terran space in 2504, Hill was aboard the Hyperion, flagship of Raynor's Raiders, offering mercenary contracts.[2]

The following section contains information from a previous version of Wings of Liberty which is no longer valid.

He spent time in the cantina. He wondered if Raynor truly understood what he was fighting for and why the rebel was so attached to his jukebox.[5]

As a middle man, Hill sought to expand his clients. He discussed the possibility of hiring any contacts Raynor might have retained from his law enforcement days and even saw opportunity in hiring protoss zealots and Dark Templar.[6][7]

He believed freeing the prisoners at New Folsom Prison was good for business.[8][7]

Attack on Amon[]

AlliedCommanders SC2-LotV Art1.jpg

This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

"Glad you're here. Need a little help fulfilling a contract. Amon's shipping some nasty tech onboard these trains. My job is to torch 'em, but my guys are late to the party. Now, I'm thinking you'd like to see those trains go up in smoke too."

- Graven Hill to the allied commanders(src)

In 2506, during the End War, Amon's forces were using Tarsonis to transport dangerous cargo belonging to the Moebius Foundation using the planet's old rail system. The Dominion hired Hill and his mercenaries to destroy the trains carrying the cargo, but Hill's mercenaries didn't show up in time. Hill thus called in allied forces to help him in completing his contract. The allied forces were successful, and the trains were destroyed before they could reach their destinations.[9]

Game Effect[]

"Lots of folks ready to fight... for the right price."

- Graven Hill(src)

Main article: Mercenaries

Hill acts as the Raiders' contact for mercenaries in-game, with more mercenary units being unlocked over time in accordance with completion of certain missions. Once hired from Hill in the cantina, the mercenaries remain available for the duration of the campaign, and can be called down each mission from the mercenary compound the player is given at the start.[10]



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