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Max Zander carried a grenade launcher

Grenade launchers are terran-portable weapons used since at least the Guild Wars. They could only carry one grenade at a time.

Confederate marine private Max Zander frequently used one.[1]

United Earth Directorate medics use the A-13 flash grenade launcher.[2]

The marauder uses paired Quad K12 "Punisher" grenade launchers.[3] The marauder mercenary company Hammer Securities uses a modified version of this grenade launcher known as The Mediator.[4]

The vulture hover cycle uses the AGP-2 "Thumper" grenade launcher.[5]

The AGG-12 grenade launcher was a personal handheld grenade launcher used by the Terran Dominion in the Great War. It later would be used by law enforcement officers.[6] By the end of the Second Great War, some Dominion documents listed grenade launchers as an optional upgrade to Dominion marine gauss rifles, but it was notably against Dominion Marine Corps regulations.[7]


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