Units in StarCraft II are tagged with one or more attributes that determine bonus damage, affect targeting, and/or can influence spells and abilities.

List of Ground units[edit | edit source]

The ground units, categorized by race, are listed below:

Protoss[edit | edit source]

Terran[edit | edit source]

Zerg[edit | edit source]

Units That Can Attack Ground[edit | edit source]

Protoss[edit | edit source]

Terran[edit | edit source]

Zerg[edit | edit source]

Negative Spells and Abilities[edit | edit source]

This following spells have a negative effect on units with the attribute of ground. Note that massive units (ultralisks, colossi, archons, and thors) are not affected by Force Field and Graviton Beam.

Force field.jpg
Force Field

Creates a wall of energy at target point, pushing nearby units away and making the terrain impassable. Massive units and the mothership's Vortex ability remove Force Fields.

Hotkey F
Cost 50 Energy
Duration 15 seconds
Cooldown 15 seconds
GravitonBeam SC2 Icon1.jpg
Graviton Beam

Lifts target unit into the air, preventing it from moving, attacking, or using abilities. While using this ability the phoenix cannot move or attack. One in effect can be cancelled early to end the effects.

The effect ends instantly if either the targeted unit or the casting phoenix is destroyed.

Burrowed zerg units will be unburrowed by the ability, and will reburrow when they fall back to the ground.

Cost 50 Energy
Duration 7 seconds
ProtonCharge SC2 DevGame1.jpg
Chrono Boost

This ability increases the production speed of a structure by 50% for 20 seconds.

It has no effect on allied buildings and cannot be used on incomplete buildings.

Hotkey C
Cost 25 Energy
Duration 20 seconds
Cooldown 4 seconds
BlindingCloud SC2-HotS Icon.jpg
Blinding Cloud

The viper spits a green cloud. Ground units and structures in the cloud have their range reduced to one.

The cloud covers an area of 2.[1]

Units can move out of the cloud to fire normally.

Hotkey B
Cost 100 Energy
Range 11
Duration 14 (HotS)
6 (LotV) seconds

References[edit | edit source]

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