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The guardian

"Easy to be accurate when you're splashing everything in 100 yards."

- A Dominion marine on guardians(src)

The guardian is a zerg long-range bomber.


A guardian during the Great War

The guardian is evolved from the mutalisk and thought to be based on the nesting form of the mantis screamer. It possesses a thicker carapace than its counterpart and attacks by lobbing explosive globs of acid with extreme accuracy.[1] The guardian is much slower than the mutalisk however, and was often designated to guard larvae.[2]

Despite being devastating in terrestrial combat, guardians are next to useless in space combat.[3]

Guardians were replaced by brood lords following the Brood War.[4] A number of them were utilized by Amon in the End War, as they were taken under his control along with the feral zerg of Aiur.[5][6] Feral guardians remained on Tarsonis years after the conflict,[7] while additional guardians were among the zerg that attacked the Umojan research team on Jarban Minor.[8]

Game Unit[]


For StarCraft gameplay information see: Guardian (StarCraft).

StarCraft II[]

For StarCraft II gameplay information see: Guardian (StarCraft II).

Heroes of the Storm[]

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The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

A guardian in Heroes of the Storm

Guardians can be spawned on the map Braxis Holdout, and are part of the zerg attack waves that are sent against opponents.[9]

Known Guardians[]

A guardian

Variant Strains[]



A guardian close up

Most sources list the guardian's attack as being one of acid.[1][10] However, its page lists its attack as being one of plasma.[2]


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