The guardians of Ma'lash were a group of high-ranking Tal'darim who were extremely loyal to Highlord Ma'lash.


"You go to your death, Alarak. Your Dark God will destroy you!"
"I have heard enough of his lies!"

- Guardian and Alarak(src)

When Hierarch Artanis came to Slayn to aid First Ascendant Alarak in overthrowing Highlord Ma'lash, Alarak stated the certain ritual preparations must be filled first. As part of these preparations, four guardians of Ma'lash must be killed. After the four were dead, Alarak confessed their deaths were not technically part of the ritual, but they would have aided Ma'lash in Rak'shir and challenged Alarak when he ruled, and thus their deaths were still necessary in his eyes.[1]

Game unitEdit

Four guardians of Ma'lash exist through the map, behind Tal'darim encampments. The player should move out in force to defeat them. An achievement for "Steps of the Rite" requires the player to defeat the guardians without destroying any other Tal'darim forces. To achieve this, the player can move air units around the edges of the map and attack the shrines from behind. Not every guardian is vulnerable this way, but it makes reaching them easier.

While the guardians can only attack air units, they are able to freely use an ability similar to the phoenix's Graviton Beam, levitating ground units into the air for them to attack. Unlike the phoenix however, the guardians are able to use their Graviton Beams on Massive units, so archons are still vulnerable.


The shrines and the units on top of them are separate units in the map editor. The actual "Guardian of Ma'lash" refers only to the shrines themselves, which have no attack. The unit on top of the shrines is an ascendant given a normal attack and its unit model raised into the air. These ascendants are invincible and unclickable in the mission, and they are scripted to die when the shrines beneath them die.


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