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The guardians of the xel'naga temple of Shakuras are a group dedicated to guarding the xel'naga temple of Shakuras.

The group consists mainly of Shelak Tribe members but has members from all protoss castes as well as the Dark Templar. Those who join the group must give up their former caste designation.

The temple contains crystals which "sing", but only the guardians believe they sing to their souls. In addition, they claim "there is more to us than this temple" and threaten their members with retribution if they are betrayed.

They have access to a substance which smells much like Sundrop.[1]


The Dark Templar were the main guardians of the xel'naga temple until the arrival of the protoss of Aiur there following Aiur's fall.

During the four years since, members of the Shelak Tribe, guardians of much xel'naga lore, supplanted the Dark Templar guardians. The resulting group, though consisting mainly of Shelak, has former members of each caste within it, as well as some Dark Templar who stayed.[1]



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