Gurdlac is a mineral rich moon in Terran Dominion space. It was mined by Raynor's Raiders's SceeVee Special Engineering Corps in 2504, where they were forced to fight off a zerg trap.

Gurdlac has just enough atmosphere to support human life, but only just barely. It had a thin, dry atmosphere with extreme highs in temperature.


Gurdlac was flagged by the Terran Dominion for terraforming, and to be used as a refugee camp for those displaced in the Second Great War. However, the Dominion did not follow through, and as such Gurdlac remained unclaimed and unsurveyed. However, a small zerg presence landed on the planet to trap those who attempted to establish a base there.

In 2504, Raynor's Raider and Professor Liam Griffud discovered vast mineral reserves on the planet. The SceeVee Special Engineering Corps were dispatched to mine the planet.

The TripwireEdit

The SceeVee Special Engineering Corps began establishing a basecamp, but as they began mining zerglings began erupting from their ground, killing Petty Officer Wolfe and forcing the SeeVee Corps to retreat with large casualties. They fell back into a canyon northwest of their original position, and devised a plan to lure the zerg into the canyon, where they would trap them. Bill "Pearly" Bousquette sped ahead, and forced them to chase him. Though the zerglings nearly caught up to him on several occasions, Pearly lured the zerglings into the trap, wiping them out.

The Seevee Corps managed to mine double their usual quota, and were evacuated to the Hyperion.


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