Lieutenant Colonel Gwen Maxwell is an officer who was in charge of Remote Mining Station Four during its siege by the protoss.


Gwen Maxwell was in charge of the Kel-Morian Combine Remote Mining Station Four on Moria when it came under attack by heavy protoss forces. The attack was repelled by a heavily armored force of marauders and firebats, but at a great loss of life. A colossus was damaged in the encounter.

Maxwell ordered all forces to regroup, but Captain Marius Blackwood broke formation to chase the colossus. Maxwell contacted Blackwood, warning him he had to come back, and stating that there were straggler protoss forces in the area. Blackwood ignored her and went further. She attempted to contact him several more times, before he said he insisted on getting revenge on the machine. Maxwell threatened a court marshal, but made no more attempts to dissuade him.

After the colossus was destroyed, Blackwood contacted her warning her of an advancing protoss force. She sent a dropship to pick him up, which got him just in time. However, the dropship was shot down by a phoenix, killing Blackwood.


The affiliation of Gwen Maxwell is unclear, though she did command Marius Blackwood, who was stationed in Terran Dominion bases, she was also in charge of a Kel-Morian Combine outpost. Whether Maxwell was Blackwood's Dominion commanding officer or a Kel-Morian station commander that just received Dominion troops for support is never answered.


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