The following section contains information from a previous version of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void which is no longer valid.

HERC SC2-LotV Head1


The HERC is a terran melee unit.

HERCs were initially intended to be added in multiplayer in Legacy of the Void, but were scrapped during the beta.[1]

HERCs were useful counters for zergling and baneling combos. They were effective at tanking damage from most protoss ground units while other allied infantry units dealt heavy damage.[2][3][4]

HERCs had a "grapple" ability that enabled them to "grab" an enemy unit and immediately pull themselves to the enemy's locations. Their high hit points and light armor made it difficult for units such as immortals to counter them. However, HERCs were easily defeated by zealots.[4]

The HERC was, in Blizzard's mind, overlapping with the hellbat and to a lesser extent, charge-upgraded zealots.[5] The latest design tested for the unit slot was a combat construction type of unit that traveled with a player's army and constructed useful things mid-field to support a bio army,[1] but reappeared as a campaign unit in Nova Covert Ops.


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