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"For each of us, let there be two!"

- Lekila(src)

Hallucinations are false duplicate images utilized by protoss.

There are at least two types of hallucinations. The first are psionic illusory duplicates of other beings/vehicles, courtesy of psionic powers. This psionic ability to create hallucinations can be used by high templar[1] though the Dark Templar are able to employ a similar technique on their ships.[2] These phantasms are without physical substance.[3]

The second version is technological, and is used by sentries.[4] These hallucinations are composed of solid light and are three-dimensional, able to mimic protoss warriors, vehicles, and constructs. Each replica, while limited in duration, is able to withstand some degree of punishment.[5]

Jackson Hauler demonstrated a similar ability, to conjure up the image of an individual and present it to another person.[6]

This unit or structure can detect cloaked, burrowed, duplicated and hallucination enemies.


Game EffectEdit

StarCraft IEdit


A comparison of an actual unit to a hallucination

Hallucination Icon SC1

The high templar selects a unit, creating two duplicates of it. Hallucinations appear with a blue tint to the creating and controlling player, while all other players will see them as duplicates of the original. Hallucinations do not inflict damage when they "attack", may not cast spells, or produce units (important for hallucinated carriers and reavers), and take double damage from all attacks. Hallucinations last for a limited time and automatically disappear when hit by spells (eg. EMP shockwave, Mind Control).

Hotkey L
Cost 100 Energy Terran SC1
Range 7
Duration 180 secondsTime SC2 Game1
Purchased from Templar archives
Hotkey H
Cost 150 Minerals Terran SC1 150 Gas Terran SC1 80Time SC2 Game1

StarCraft IIEdit


Sentries produce false copies of units to distract opponents. Duplicates have the same number of hit points as the original but take double the damage. The number of hallucinations created depends on the unit: gateway units spawn in twos, probes in fours, and all other units spawn one.

Hallucinations are instantly destroyed by psionic storm and are detected by detectors.

The sentry can create duplicates of units that the player doesn't meet the tech requirements for, but cannot make hallucinations of dark templar

As of Heart of the Swarm, hallucination no longer needs to be researched.

Hotkey C (archon: N; colossus: C; high templar: T; immortal: I; phoenix: X; probe: E; stalker: S; void ray: V; warp prism: A; zealot: Z; disruptor: D; adept: H)
Cost 75 Energy Terran SC1
Duration 43Time SC2 Game1
Purchased from

Cybernetics core (WoL)

Automatically available (HotS/LotV)
Hotkey H
Cost 100 Minerals Terran SC1 100 Gas Terran SC1 80Time SC2 Game1


JustAnIllusion SC2 Icon1 Just An Illusion

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Control 15 hallucinations at once in a Melee game.

Shroom absorption Shroom Absorption

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Absorb 1000 damage with hallucinations in a League game.


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