Harbinger of Death is an expert challenge that forces the player to only use hotkeys to issue commands. The player is given a large force of protoss units, and must kill docile terrans and zerg. However, the time limit is short[1] and the player must fight on five fronts.[2]

The player can get a bronze achievement for 50 kills, silver for 100 kills, or gold for 150 kills. Bronze earns the player one star, silver earns 2 stars, and gold earns 3.[3] There are a total of 298 possible kills in this challenge, including critters.


Prior to the game starting it is possible to kill all the critters by clicking on them multiple times until they explode. They are on an island towards the lower left.

Group units and production structures, and queue commands using the "shift" key.

Deploy the two leftmost warp prisms in pylons on the high ground using a queue. Send the carriers to attack each marine group in turn; use "shift-attack" on the minimap. Remember to build more interceptors as necessary.

Warp in seven dark templar and send them to attack the plateaus; there are no detectors there. When they are done, return them to the deployed warp prisms.

Command the high templar to create archons. In the meantime, blink the stalkers up the ledge and down the far side, to attack across the ledge.

Use sentries to create archon hallucinations. Send the archons and their hallucinations to attack the marine groups, starting at the top and moving to the bottom. Send the sentries with them; use command queuing to produce a new guardian shield after every second new attack order, and more hallucinations when the top groups are finished.

Blink the stalkers up the ledge and attack toward the top of the map.

Load the dark templar into the warp prisms and move all of them to the rightmost warp prism. Unload the dark templar and deploy the prisms into pylons.

Attack the mutalisks on the upper ledge with phoenixes. Warp in seven more stalkers to the warp prisms, and send these stalkers and the dark templar to attack the lower area.

The challenge can be made considerably less micro-intensive if a couple of Dark Templar are warped in on the top left, bottom left, and top right portions of the level. There are almost no detectors there, and with queued attack commands a large portion of units can be killed with little to no hassle.


HarbingerOfDeathBronze SC2 Icon1 Harbinger of Death: Bronze

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score the rank of Bronze in the “Harbinger of Death"

HarbingerOfDeathSilver SC2 Icon1 Harbinger of Death: Silver

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score the rank of Silver in the “Harbinger of Death"

HarbingerOfDeathGold SC2 Icon1 Harbinger of Death: Gold

10 Achievement SC2 Game1


Score the rank of Gold in the “Harbinger of Death"


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