Silence their Cries is a mission on Kaldir. It is somewhere between the fourth and sixth missions of Heart of the Swarm.[1]

Brood mother Na'fash had traveled here to create stronger claims. Sarah Kerrigan and a small number of zerglings landed on the moon (via sac) in order to reclaim the Na'fash Brood. She discovered feral roaches which she brought onto her side, along with yeti.[2]

The moon was constantly struck by cold windstorms,[2] which would freeze the zerg and protoss in place[3] and force the local protoss base to raise its shields, but had no effect on the yeti. As a result, Kerrigan wished to take DNA from a pair of yeti matriarchs.[2]

The zerg encountered Na'fash's corpse... the protoss had got to her first. The high templar in charge, upon noting the presence of Kerrigan, attempted to warn Shakuras.[2] The protoss remarked on Kerrigan's weakened state.[4] Unable to reach the far-off Dark Templar homeworld with the Khala, he instead used psi-link spires. Kerrigan tasked her forces to destroy these spires before they could be activated.[2] The protoss could do so in 15 minutes.[5] If the player collects the yeti DNA, they can take advantage of the cold weather by attacking when the protoss are frozen, bypassing defenders.[6]

Kerrigan destroyed the spires, at the the three protoss bases[1] prompting the protoss to retreat. Kerrigan then ordered her forces to finish off the protoss before they could travel directly to Shakuras and get their warning off.[2]



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