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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Harvesting bots (or harvesters) are a type of terran automaton. They are capable of harvesting terrazine, and utilizing defensive matrix technology on themselves.[1]

Game UnitEdit

Harvesting bots appear in the Co-op Missions map "Mist Opportunities" as NPC units. They will periodically spawn from the cliff by the players' base, and move on tracks towards the designated terrazine sites. The players must escort the bots to protect them from enemies. Contrary to their unit model base, the science vessel, the harvesting bots are ground units, and have a cannon similar looking to the liberator Concord cannon.[2]


Harvesting bots have a self-casting defensive matrix ability, identical to that of the battlecruiser. It lasts 10 seconds and absorbs 200 damage before falling. It costs no energy to cast but has a 15-second cooldown.[2]

Known Harvesting BotsEdit


  • As the harvesting bots gather terrazine, the empty fuel tank visible in the middle of the unit will visibly fill with the gas.


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