Haskins is the mayor of Quijadas on Choss. He is very supportive of the town's tourist trade, and had a habit to make speeches on the subject.


In early 2505,[1] Haskins entrusted Marshal Rin Shearon to keep anything that might disrupt Quijadas's tourist trade under wraps. This included dismissing her claims that the town might have a mutalisk problem, as per a casualty in the canyons near the town. Haskins rejected her suggestion to shut down the Inauguration Day celebration and ordered her to bag and tag the body and close the matter.

The matter refused to stay closed however, as an entire family were killed by the mutalisks, and the individual who reported the incident lost an arm in the process. She demanded that they get in touch with Strong (their Dominion representative) and he obliged. The town received some help in the form of SRO scientist Brad Champlain, and later, mercenary Breg Shaw. Haskins was put off by his ramshackle transport, but by this stage, the town was at breaking point. And as such, he agreed to Shaw's fee. It was money well spent, as Shaw, Champlain, and Shearon were able to remove the mutalisk threat.[2]


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