Hassan was an archaeologist working for the Moebius Foundation. He was excited by their find in the KL-2 system — a xel'naga artifact.[2]


Hassan's superior, Dr. Morrigan, gave him plans for a psychic amplifier which he didn't understand but he constructed them anyway. Morrigan, a minor telepath, explained what she wanted it for — something spoke to her. It was a prisoner, an Argus crystal was the lock, and she was the key. She used the device to amplify her powers enough to "unlock" the crystal, releasing the imprisoned entity.

Hassan, along with any other Moebius Foundation personnel, was "converted" by the creature.[2]

Children of the Xel'NagaEdit

A warband of Dark Templar, led by prelate Azimar, detected the creature's return to freedom from halfway across the sector. They dispatched one of their number, Jarzul, to investigate the occurrence. As Jarzul reported to Azimar and his right-hand-protoss, Xy'tal, Hassan saw him (despite the cloaking) and quickly slew him.

Azimar and Xy'tal rushed to avenge their comrade. While Azimar tried to distract Hassan, Xy'tal cloaked and attacked him from behind, but Hassan saw him anyway and, dodging the attack, injured Xy'tal's face, as he (or the entity within him) spoke to the protoss, taunting their inferiority.

Azimar tried to stab Hassan while Azimar struck back, but they only managed to cut off his hand, which then began strangling Azimar. As Hassan fought with Xy'tal, the hand around Azimar's throat disintegrated. Meanwhile, Hassan beat Xy'tal and spewed a noxious substance onto him.

When Azimar was freed, he tried to slash open Hassan's belly with his warp blade, but only moderately wounded him. Hassan then threw Azimar to the ground while the entity attempted to convert Azimar or devour his mind. Azimar managed to fend off the mental intrusion and stabbed Hassan, causing him to slowly disintegrate. As this happened, the entity revealed that it wore other beings as garments, and it had many of them.[2]


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