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Helios, a temperate world, orbits an uncharted sun on the fringe of the Koprulu Sector. It houses a set of overgrown ancient ruins, remainders of a war waged by a long-dead civilization. The ruins feature a pyramid and a crypt. A khaydarin crystal lies beneath the ruins. Uncovered by torrential rains that frequent the summer years, the ruins became exposed, once again igniting the battle for the crystal.[2]

Crown Prince Valerian Mengsk opened a veteran's hospital on the planet on the eve of the Second Great War.[3][4]


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Helios Invasion Map

Helios was originally set to appear in StarCraft: Ghost multiplayer game modes[2] and going by screenshots, singleplayer as well.[5] It was later featured in StarCraft: The Board Game and its expansion[6] and is mentioned in a UNN news blurb in StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.[3][4] A Helios tileset appears in the game.[1]


Helios is named after the sun god in Greek mythology. Helios was often personified as Titan, Hyperion and Apollo.


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