The Hephaestus was a Terran Confederacy Behemoth-class battlecruiser which was assigned to the Megamedes Project.

In March of 2499, the Hephaestus was ordered to escort samples of a new bioform identified as zerg from LV-555. However, the zerg sample broke out, and began to infest the ship. Part of the ship was held by resocialized marines who continued to fire upon anyone that approached. However, their numbers had been cut to two thirds of their initial power. To make matters worse the ship was in a decaying orbit of LV-555 and would soon crash.

Senator Tamsen Cauley then ordered the War Pigs to acquire the hub drive containing data on the Megamedes Project and destroy the ship and its crew. The War Pigs boarded the ship, fighting the crew who were ordered to kill anyone who approached as well as the zerg. Though the War Pigs lost one of their members, they managed to acquire the drive and escape the ship as it crashed on the surface, killing all aboard.[1]


Hephaestus was the Greek god of blacksmithing.


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