Hogan was a vulture pilot in service to the Kel-Morian Combine.


In 2502, Hogan was at the Kliketown Vespene Gas Refinery when the War Pigs, a group of outlaws, arrived seeking information on Jim Raynor. With Raynor having been on Moria a few months before, building up an anti-Dominion alliance and with the War Pigs seeking to assassinate him, Hogan and other pilots gave chase. However, Hogan was prevented from using his firearm due to the risk of detonating the refinery's liquid vespene.

Eventually Hogan and his fellow pilots cleared the refinery, allowing them a clear shot at the War Pigs. However, one of the outlaws had dropped some explosives into a vespene fumerole, detonating as Hogan and his men passed by it, killing them.[1]


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