"Five thousand souls lifted off Mar Sara that day. Five thousand cried out as we hit that cloud of mutas."

- Breg Shaw reflecting on the ship's destruction(src)

The Hoosier was a battlecruiser in service to the Terran Confederacy.

The ship was present at Mar Sara during the Great War. With the zerg infestation turning dire, and the protoss force at Chau Sara turning their attention to Mar Sara, the Hoosier was called assigned to aid in the evacuation effort. The ship was scrambled overnight, without any time given to resupply or reload its armory.

The ship evacuated 4000 colonists and made a beeline for the evacuation point. However, that early in the war, the Confederacy had minimal intelligence on the zerg, and was unaware that mutalisks were able to operate in vacuum. It was a lack of intelligence that cost the Hoosier dearly as it came under attack by a swarm of them. Only 63 crew members survived by escaping in a jump-pod, being picked up four days later.[1]

Known CrewEdit


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