Private Hopper was a marine who served in Brute Squad. He was transferred to Moebius Corps, and served as security for Sector Six.[1]

Biography[edit | edit source]

Spanneti served in Brute Squad under Commander Dorian through battles at Korhal, Ghobi Station, Pantera Prime and Braxis. He was the youngest member of the squad, and thus the most risk-adverse. He was transferred to Moebius Corps after the squad was reassigned. He ran recovery and security missions for the Moebius Foundation.

Sector Six[edit | edit source]

Hopper was part of the operation to retrieve a xel'naga relic from the surface of Beta Saul. He came in later to support Dorian and Spanneti against the Players' Club pirates, and fired from cover to suppress them. The relic was retrieved and moved back to the Revanscar facility, and the squad was transferred to the command of Lieutenant Colonel Sparks, who assigned them to security for Sector Six. Hopper was initially concerned that the reason for their reassignment was Dorian bucking orders to chase Zeus, the Players' Club leader.

Later strange occurrences began happening in Sector Six. Professor Benz seemingly randomly stole a plasma gun, and began shooting the sector while gibbering about a shadow. The rest of the squad began complaining about hearing screams, and scratching on the walls. Hopper reported that Spanneti had not reported in for his shift, and expressed concern when Dorian marched into the restricted areas of the sector to retrieve him.

After Zimmerman's suicide, Hopper would go with the rest of the squad in Dorian's plan to kill whatever was causing the strange occurrences in the sector. However, by this time he, Spanneti and Bekkins were already under hybrid control. They filled their guns with live ammo in spite of Dorian and Cranston using nonlethal rounds, and killed Cranston and a group of lab techs, blaming it on Cranston. However, Dorian figured out the betrayal, but it was too late. The hybrid entered the wing, and dominated Dorian.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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