The Horley Barton Space Station was a space platform situated in orbit of New Sydney. Its layout was quite basic—public docking bays formed C layer—the outer, widest layer, possessing at least 22 docking bays with ports designated alphabetically. B layer was reserved for station and government vessels and possessed at least 39 docking bays with ports designated in the same manner as C. A layer was the innermost section, possessing the fewest number of docking bays, albeit larger ones reserved for VIPs.

By 2494, the station was run-down, outdated and featured lax security. It was the latter aspect that outlaws Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay were able to take advantage of. Posing as law enforcement officers, they were able to fool a employee into giving them access to a freighter transporting crystals. They made off with the vessel without incident.[1]


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